Personal Injury: Getting Fairly Compensated

Whenever an individual incurs harm or injury due to the negligence or wrongful act of another person or business entity, they are entitled under tort law to recoup damages incurred, including pain and suffering, medical expenses and disability. Attorney Jack Van Valkenburgh is an experienced personal injury attorney and specializes in tooth and body injuries resulting from business negligence, slips and falls and ill-prepared foods.

Food Poisoning:

Food poisoning cases are fairly common. Potential bacteria and viruses can cause food poisoning like listeria, hepatitis and E. coli. When a food distributor, restaurant or grocery store is to blame for food poisoning, individuals are within their rights to sue the business under common legal theories, such as strict products liability and negligence.


Negligence and Strict Products Liability: The Law Office of Jack Van Valkenburgh

Under general negligence principles, a business has the duty to exercise reasonable care. In the ill-prepared food context, restaurants have a duty to maintain a clean kitchen and to store food in a sanitary manner. Proving causation in these types of cases can be difficult. It must be proven that it was the business’s food that caused the illness, the source must be identified and medical documentation must support the claim. Everyone in the chain of distribution can also be sued, including wholesalers, manufacturers and food distributions under strict products liability.


Slips and Falls: The Duty of Reasonable Care

Whether you step into a restaurant, parking lot of retail establishment, the owner has a duty of reasonable care to keep the public safe. For example, restaurants and food stores must regularly maintain its inside premises with mopping up spills and keeping the aisles unobstructed. Parking lot owners are responsible for repairing pot holes and snow and ice removal. When owners and operators breach their duty of reasonable care and a slip and fall occurs, they are liable for damages.

If you’ve incurred a personal injury due to the fault of another, turn for the best legal help and representation from attorney Jack Van Valkenburgh. Attorney Jack Van Valkenburgh does a thorough investigation of the accident, including gathering contracts, taking witness statements and attaining medical reports. He has a track record of success on behalf of his clients. Let his experience work for you.

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