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Establishing Guardianships and Conservatorships

When is Guardianship Needed?

Has a family member recently become incapacitated, such that they can’t make decisions to manage their own health or finances? We help loved ones take care of their family members by properly handling the legal guardianship and/or conservatorship process.


Jack Van Valkenburgh represented me when my father was suffering memory loss and confusion. Mr. Van Valkenburgh was able to quickly establish my guardianship and conservatorship for dad. With that authority, I was able to place dad in an assisted living facility with memory care.

I was impressed by Mr. Van Valkenburgh’s integrity — in both the way he handled my case and in the reasonable fee he charged. I recommend him to others who face the need to petition for guardianship or conservatorship of a loved one.

Mr. Van Valkenburgh did more than I could have ever hoped. His attitude of understanding, his willingness to work within my financial constraints, and his apparent care for us as people were all noteworthy.”
-Teresa F., Boise

I hired Mr. Van Valkenburgh when my wife was suffering from dementia. Mr. Van Valkenburgh was able to establish my guardianship of her without a single hitch. And he works for a very reasonable fee.

If you need to become guardian or conservator of a family member, I strongly recommend you hire Jack Van Valkenburgh as your attorney! Mr. Van Valkenburgh is a caring, very competent, and extremely effective advocate, who will go the extra mile to be sure that your needs are met and your goals are satisfied.
– Robert O., Middleton


When is Conservatorship Needed?

Conservatorship is for persons who cannot handle financial decisions and responsibilities. Conservators are individuals (often family members) or agencies that the Court appoints to handle someone’s finances.

Call us for a free consultation to determine whether a Guardianship, Conservatorship, both, or neither, are appropriate for your loved one.

Often, families do not plan for this type of legal situation. Guardianships and Conservatorships require petitioning the court for an appointment. The need for Guardianship or Conservatorship can happen suddenly, or it can result from a slowly deteriorating health situation. In any case, the new responsibilities might overwhelm the appointed guardian or conservator. Mr. Van Valkenburgh will be there every step of the way to ensure that clients understand the process and their rights. His experience with guardianship legal documents will benefit you greatly during your procedure. He knows that communication is essential during this time of your family’s uncertainty, and his professionalism shows through his track record of successful representation. Both Guardianship and Conservatorship entail court hearings and paperwork, and Mr. Van Valkenburgh wants you to feel at ease with your decisions to ensure the most favorable situation.


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"If you need to become guardian or conservator of a family member, I strongly recommend you hire Jack Van Valkenburgh as your attorney!"

- Richard O. Middleton (5 star review)

"Great work! Mr. Van Valkenburgh did an extremely effective job representing our grandson when we petitioned for Guardianship. In addition, his hourly rate was significantly less than that of another attorney who we had earlier engaged. Mr. Van Valkenburgh provided answers to all our questions and such fine assistance that we would recommend him to anyone needing legal representation."

~ Robert (Dennis) Fleming, Boise

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