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Guardianship and Conservatorship: Extremely pleased!
Jack Van Valkenburgh represented me when my father was suffering memory loss and confusion. Mr. Van Valkenburgh was able to quickly establish my guardianship and conservatorship for dad. With that authority, I was able to place dad in an assisted living facility with memory care.

I was impressed by Mr. Van Valkenburgh’s integrity — in both the way he handled my case and in the reasonable fee he charged. I recommend him to others who face the need to petition for guardianship or conservatorship of a loved one.

Mr. Van Valkenburgh did more than I could have ever hoped. His attitude of understanding, his willingness to work within my financial constraints, and his apparent care for us as people were all noteworthy.
- Teresa (5 star review)

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Guardianship and Conservatorships

I hired Mr. Van Valkenburgh when my wife was suffering from dementia. Mr. Van Valkenburgh was able to establish my guardianship of her without a single hitch. And he works for a very reasonable fee.

If you need to become guardian or conservator of a family member, I strongly recommend you hire Jack Van Valkenburgh as your attorney! Mr. Van Valkenburgh is a caring, very competent, and extremely effective advocate, who will go the extra mile to be sure that your needs are met and your goals are satisfied.
- Richard O. Middleton (5 star review)


I recommend Jack Van Valkenburgh as a VERY CAPABLE ADVOCATE for young people in trouble with the law! When my son was charged with felony arson, Mr. Van Valkenburgh got the charge reduced to misdemeanor “unlawful entry”. But it still wasn’t over, because the prosecutor said the “victim” wanted restitution that would have cost us thousands of dollars! Van Valkenburgh researched the true “value” of the property. The “victim” was actually a scoundrel, and ultimately we paid nothing!
- Analisa L., Boise


Defending Your Constitutional Rights

I highly recommend both Jack Van Valkenburgh and Sam Johnson for legal representation, particularly if you have been falsely accused, mistreated, or suffered denial of your rights at the hands of police or private businesses. We were targetted solely because of our race. We were mistreated and publicly humiliated. Working together, Mr. Van Valkenburgh and Mr. Johnson effectively pressured the police and business to settle out of court (the terms of the settlement are sealed) in a manner that properly redressed our wrongful arrests and detentions.

In addition to his skilled advocacy, Mr. Van Valkenburgh stayed in good communication with us throughout the litigation. It is without hesitation that I recommend him as your attorney in legal battles against police, other governmental officials, or private business.
- Don W. & Ron W., Idaho

Personal Injury

Jack Van Valkenburgh is unwilling to quit, even when, as in my case, some witnesses could not be found and my case experienced problems unrelated to his representation of me. Jack always treated my case as if it were hugely important, promptly returned my phone calls, and ultimately won me a very reasonable settlement. I highly recommend Van Valkenburgh Law, PLLC should you experience a legal problem in Idaho!
- Melanie P., Boise, Idaho


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Criminal Defense

During my association with Jack Van Valkenburgh, he proved to be an effective and compassionate advocate for my developmentally disabled son, charged with a battery that was truly a result of the maliciousness of his wife… from whom he is now divorced, thankfully. Mr. Van Valkenburgh was very accommodating of my son’s communication needs which allowed him to be very comfortable and open throughout the entire process.
- Terry W., Sr. A Criminal Defense Client (5 star review)

Personal Injury

I wholeheartedly recommend Van Valkenburgh Law, PLLC. Mr. Van Valkenburgh not only won me a large amount of damages, relative to my medical expenses, but he is not one of those lawyers who forgets about your case! To the contrary, Jack promptly returned my phone calls and effectively advocated on my behalf.
- Rebecca C., Ontario, Oregon

Personal Injury

Mr. Van Valkenburgh had represented me due to an injury I suffered from a product purchased from one of the largest retail stores in America. Jack never failed to return my calls and emails and did so in a timely manner. He answered all of my questions in detail, drafted compelling Court papers and smartly negotiated a very satisfactory settlement of my case.

I would recommend Van Valkenburgh Law, PLLC if you suffer an injury due to negligence or a wrongful act. I was extremely pleased with the legal representation that Jack provided me.
- Robert J. Boise, ID.


Defending Your Constitutional Rights

On January 4, 2009 I was wrongfully tazed by an Idaho police officer as my roommate and I removed his drunk and violent girlfriend from our house. The Officer arrived on scene and pulled out his taser and shot me! Fifty thousand volts violently ran through my body for five seconds, but that wasn’t even close to being the worst part. Five days after the incident, the officer charged me with “Battery” in an attempt to cover up the tasing — for the first time in my life I needed legal help!

After a lot of wasted time and money (I simply believe my first attorney was afraid of the fight)… that’s when I was referred to Jack Van Valkenburgh and Sam Johnson. Jack and Sam had the knowledge, experience and respect of the legal community which facilitated a fair judgment!

It is without hesitation that I recommend Jack Van Valkenburgh and Sam Johnson to orchestrate your fight for justice and resolve your legal issues. You won’t be sorry…these guys ‘Kick Ass’!
- Gary A., Idaho

Professional License Care

Mr. Van Valkenburgh represented me in a matter regarding my professional license. His willingness to understand, first the history and second the technical aspects of the case were outstanding. His experience and thoroughness in gathering the documents and preparing testimony, both mine and other witnesses was complete. I would highly recommend Jack for anyone seeking legal advice in this area.
- Dave, CPA (5 star review)


Helping Aid Failing Members of Your Family

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"Jack always treated my case as if it were hugely important, promptly returned my phone calls, and ultimately won me a very reasonable settlement."

- Melanie P., Boise, Idaho

"Great work! Mr. Van Valkenburgh did an extremely effective job representing our grandson when we petitioned for Guardianship. In addition, his hourly rate was significantly less than that of another attorney who we had earlier engaged. Mr. Van Valkenburgh provided answers to all our questions and such fine assistance that we would recommend him to anyone needing legal representation."

~ Robert (Dennis) Fleming, Boise